This dog was tied to a car and dragged within an inch of his life

In the dead of night, they drove the poor dog to a church parking lot. It was probably bitterly cold that evening at the end of January as they loaded the sweet boy out onto the pavement — but that would quickly become the least of the dog’s worries. His cruel handlers proceeded to tie him to the back of the vehicle and speed around the parking lot, dragging the helpless dog behind. His legs and belly scraped and tore against the concrete as he undoubtedly tried to stop and free himself. But he was no match for the tons of metal and the heartless people inside. They were certainly trying to kill him.

But this dog miraculously lived, and his rescuers named him Church after the place where he almost died but was, in fact, rescued. Church, a beautiful German Shepherd mix, is reportedly recovering slowly since his injuries were so severe. Despite all he has been through, Church is in good spirits, wagging his tail and taking a few shakey steps at a time to beg for pets and love. But the people who tried to take all that away from Church are still out there, and if they aren’t found there is no telling what they might do to another innocent animal — or worse, another person. Sign the petition imploring the Sullivan County Sheriff’s Department to do everything in their power to find the cruel individuals who tortured and tried to kill Church!

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