This elephant is in horrible pain, but the zoo won’t relent

A Young Elephant Is Fighting for Her Life in a Tiny Zoo. Free Noor Jehan!

A young African elephant named Noor Jehan is suffering due to subpar care at Karachi Zoo in Pakistan. Experts say 17-year-old Noor Jehan needs to be relocated to Safari Park immediately for proper care.

So why won’t the zoo relocate her? Sign the petition to demand that officials at Karachi Zoo send Noor Jehan to Safari Park wildlife sanctuary!

The poor elephant has been cooped up in a tiny yard alongside a cage where, previously, humans forced her to provide rides for children. By now, she is in so much pain that she has begun limping. 

Her prison does not even include any trees, bushes, shrubs, or watering holes. Nor does it include toys or items that would ensure social or intellectual enrichment.

Last year, an expert veterinarian crew arrived to assess the elephants in Karachi, and recommended they be moved to the Safari Park sanctuary. Nearly a year later, Noor Jehan and Madhubala — the other elephant at Karachi Zoo — still remain neglected in their poor living conditions.

Sign the petition to urge Karachi Zoo to finally give Noor Jehan the life of healing that she deserves. Officials must send her and her companion to Safari Park wildlife sanctuary immediately!

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