This law makes it a crime to help an abused animal by filming and reporting on crueltiesA Law in This Australian State Is Preventing Whistleblowers from Filming on Farms and Reporting Animal Abuse

For years, a law in New South Wales, Australia has banned people from recording evidence of animal abuse on private property. Other laws already exist to prevent trespassing on farms and private property. But farmers are in favor of this particular law because it prevents the filming and sharing of footage that demonstrates the heinous torment that helpless creatures experience at their facilities. If lawmakers don’t amend the Surveillance Devices Act soon, animals will continue to be at risk of abuse behind closed doors. They will also continue to lose some of the only advocates and protectors they have — the human whistleblowers who gather evidence of the cruelties committed against them.

The Surveillance Devices Act legally gags the voices of animal protectors and renders the evidence they gather useless, meaning animals are left without anyone to speak up for them. It’s also a shocking restriction on freedom of speech. People who abuse or otherwise hurt animals should be called out, while brave individuals who help animals should be lauded. This should be obvious! But right now, things are the other way around. It’s imperative that the state government restore animal lovers’ and whistleblowers’ rights to speak out for the animals. Sign the petition to protect more animals from abuse. Lawmakers in New South Wales must revise the Surveillance Devices Act!

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