This man killed a cat in broad daylight, then insisted he did nothing wrong

Footage from a security camera in Cleveland, Ohio recently revealed an alarming case of animal cruelty. In it, a man can be seen catching a defenseless cat in his arms, raising it above his head, and smashing it down onto the ground, “spiking it like a football.” This physical trauma was so horrific that the poor cat died, but this man has yet to answer for the cruelty.

“I didn’t do anything.” That’s exactly what this man said when reporters suggested he may face charges for animal cruelty. If he is allowed to get away with this act, that terrifying sentiment will be affirmed, and he could very well go on to hurt more animals. The Cleveland Animal Protective League must live up to its name and not allow that to happen.

Let’s encourage them to use the very clear video evidence they have, conduct a thorough investigation, and charge this man with animal cruelty — add your name to the petition!

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