This mother wolf may have just had pups before she was brutally killed

The Wedge Wolfpack was a small but mighty family. This pack of wolves roamed in Washington State, near its border with Canada, and survived against all the odds. They have been murdered by government agencies and poachers, suffered habitat loss for years, and watched as their species was hunted to the brink of extinction, but still they have persisted and upheld their iconic role in North America. But in June of 2021, an unknown poacher slaughtered their last remaining mama wolf, the only surviving reproducing female, thus dooming the pack itself to slowly become extinct.

Even more heartbreaking still is biologists’ discovery that this mama wolf may have given birth this year, and recently enough that if she did have pups, they would not be old enough to survive on their own. Even though gray wolves are protected under state law in Washington, poachers have recently become emboldened to kill wolves everywhere in the U.S. because the species was stripped of its endangered species status and protections in November of 2020. That’s why we’re asking the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service to relist gray wolves under the Endangered Species Act! Sign the petition and join the fight.

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