This puppy was shot just a short distance from a toddler

An Arkansas woman was left heartbroken and terrified after her 10-month-old puppy, named Crash Bandicoot, was brutally shot three times. The shooting occurred just moments after he ventured off into the woods behind her house — private property where she and neighbors always let Crash wander, a place that was safe and familiar. Sign the petition and demand that whoever killed sweet Crash is found and held accountable!

Crash’s mom believes the pup was shot by people hunting in the area illegally. This happened well before deer hunting season and Crash was wearing a bright collar and he’s a white dog, which should have made him easy to spot. Not only that, but Crash’s human toddler sibling was very near to the whole incident. This tragedy could have ended with the death of two innocent souls. Whoever did this was either careless, reckless, downright cruel, or a horrible combination. Sign the petition to put pressure on local law enforcement!

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