This supposed animal shelter didn’t provide proper shelter… or anything else really

This Facility’s Widespread Animal Neglect Hurt Pets and Pet Parents

The owners of a supposed animal rescue operation in Portland, Oregon are now under investigation for animal neglect, fraud, forgery, and improper dispensing of medications for animals.

As a result, animals and their owners have suffered harm.

The co-owners apparently faked prescriptions for the drugs, mixed them up inside bottles, and refused to disclose to pet parents what the pills actually were.

The shelter also allegedly lied to new pet parents about animals’ health conditions. It even falsified immunization records, pretending animals had been vaccinated when they weren’t!

That meant many animals didn’t get the appropriate care they needed soon enough.

We must call upon authorities to keep animals safe from these individuals! They must never be allowed to own, work with, or live with animals ever again. Sign the petition to protect pets!

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