This surgery amputates cats’ fingers just to preserve some furniture

There’s never an excuse for maiming or harming pets in retaliation for something they’ve done, and that includes declawing cats. Right now, pet felines are going through torturous procedures just so their humans won’t have to deal with some scratch marks on furniture. But the cruel, inhumane procedure of declawing is a lot more grotesque than its name suggests. It actually involves amputating the tip of each toe from a cat’s foot to permanently prevent their claws from ever growing back. Not only is this practice archaic, painful, and entirely unnecessary, it can also cause a host of health and behavioral problems.

After being forcibly declawed, cats often suffer from nerve damage, infections, stress, and chronic pain. Unless a cat has bone cancer or some other type of genuine medical need, there is absolutely no justifiable reason to force our unsuspecting companions who trust us with their lives to go through this agonizing surgery. Luckily, the state of New York set a compassionate new precedent when it banned cat declawing operations. Sign the petition to help us convince every U.S. state to follow New York’s lead and outlaw declawing!

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