This tiny owl needs your help

Frightening how many species we are putting at risk!

The wonderfully cute Burrowing Owl — one of the smallest owl species in the world — spends much of its time in the prairie grasslands of Canada, hunting small mammals. But with the loss of crucial ecosystems, fewer than 1,000 pairs remain in the entire country, and the owl is now one of the most endangered species in all of Canada. It is time the Parliament of Canada step up and protect this tiny, beloved bird from extinction!

Sign now to tell the Parliament of Canada to protect the Burrowing Owl before it is too late!

The Burrowing Owl measures in at an adorable 9 inches tall – and some are even shorter. The species are recognizable by their long legs and cute, short tail. But our sweet feathered friends are in grave danger, and if the Canadian government doesn’t act quickly, they could be lost forever. Can you help persuade them by signing this petition?

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