This young cat was violently tortured and killed by home invaders

Justice for Cheech, the Cat Brutally Microwaved to Death

Any person who has pets knows just how hard it can be to leave your furry friend behind while traveling. But a cat owner in Edmonton had no idea just how traumatic her trip away from home would be. Who could ever have imagined that her 7-month-old-cat would be microwaved to death while she was on a birthday camping trip?

When she returned to her home in Edmonton, Canada, Cheech’s owner — who described him as the “most cuddling, caring cat there was” — found him dead, hanging out of a microwave, surrounded by evidence of a break-in. 

She said it was clear Cheech had been tortured before being eventually killed in the microwave. “There was blood everywhere.”

This type of sadistic, tortuous behavior is terrifying, and perhaps the only thing scarier is the fact that the person who did this is still at large.

Anyone who could do this to an innocent cat could certainly harm other animals — or people. We must demand swift, intense action from local authorities.

The ACIU must find whoever did this and hold them truly accountable! Sign the petition now if you agree!

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