This young woman threw a cat down a cliffside, then laughed and danced in celebration

A video of horrific animal cruelty in Spain has gone viral, and despite this widespread, rocksolid evidence, authorities have already ruled out pressing charges. The description of the violence is at the very least unnerving, but please consider reading and signing so that those responsible are brought to justice, and get the help they need.

The footage that was uploaded to social media shows a young woman on the top of a tall stone mountainside staircase holding a cat roughly by the tender areas under its front legs. She swings and sways the helpless cat, the poor thing’s hind legs flailing uncontrollably. On the third swing, the woman lets go — and the camera pans to see the cat flying through the air, its legs outstretched as it desperately tries to find anything to cling onto. But it won’t find anything until it slams onto the cold, hard ground dozens of feet below.

The camera then comes back to the woman, who can be seen smiling, laughing, and dancing around. Before the video was published, laughing cat emojis and a heart were added. How did police come to the conclusion that this deliberate cruelty, and subsequent celebration, is not cause for concern? We must plead with them to reconsider for the sake of the animals and people of Spain. Sign the petition asking that this woman and the person filming are charged with animal cruelty!

3 thoughts on “This young woman threw a cat down a cliffside, then laughed and danced in celebration

  1. Joanne Morgan

    This is absolutely disgusting and this girl and whoever filmed it should be in jail!

  2. Leslie

    Jail her and if u r authorities that don’t then u r just as guilty

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