Three tiny puppies abandoned to die

A bag full of puppies sounds like a child’s birthday gift dreams come true, but for a town in Ireland, it describes a recent nightmare. A person taking a walk noticed a plastic bag hanging from a barbed wire fence, directly over a rushing river. Animal specialists rushed to the scene and discovered three newborn puppies inside — so young, their eyes weren’t even openyet. The tiny, helpless puppies were already suffering from hypothermia and hypoglycaemia, and without their mother, they were starving to death.

Veterinarians are providing the fur babies were round-the-clock care to keep them alive. But whoever launched that bag onto the wire fence certainly didn’t mean for them to survive. Experts say the placement of the bag over the river suggests some person actually intended to kill the puppies by throwing the bag in the river — and it was only a lucky fence that saved these animals’ lives. Whoever tried to harm these pups most likely still has their mother, putting her directly in harm’s way. Please sign the petition demanding that the local Irish police find this perpetrator and stop them before they hurt more animals!


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