Tinkerbell Now Princess Lilli

Following on from my post a few days ago saying that Tinkerbell has a home, we now have pictures of her IN her new home. Also she now has a new name ‘Lilli’ which is rather nice, although I think she will always be Tinkerbell to me!

Cony in Germany took these pictures when she went to check on ‘Lilli’ and she said that her new owner ‘Mrs Jakob is very pleased with Tinkerbell, she is her little Princess “Lilli”‘, which is great as Tinkerbell always wanted to be a princess!

Cleaning Is A Good Sign

Looking REALLY Well

More Happy Cleaning

Tinkerbell Happy At Last

A big thank you again to Martina and Cony in Germany for all their efforts, and to Cony for checking up on Tinkerbell … sorry Lilly … and taking these lovely photos.

3 thoughts on “Tinkerbell Now Princess Lilli

  1. Chris

    Great news. Have to say I am impressed with how well you are dealing with the Germans and finding such good matches between the cats and their new owners.

  2. Jenny

    I was saying to Sands that John and I are so happy (and somewhat relieved!) to know that Tinkerbell has finally found a special niche. I know it’s been relatively long since she found herself amongst all those cats but I really thought it would take alot more time to find the right owner, so it is a most remarkable ending to her story…many thanks to all concerned.

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