Tommy & Friend


Tommy At Home

SO here is Tommy our lovely old FIV boy chilling out in his new home in Germany.

He’s looking very at home, and that does appear to be the family bed he is lying on, which I think is always a good sign. He is still on trial but things are looking very good, as the main criteria for his ultimate adoption is that he gets on well with the existing cat Socks. I can’t see there being a problem at all from these photos!!!


Tommy With Socks


Tommy With Socks


Tommy With Socks

3 thoughts on “Tommy & Friend

  1. Pam Roberts

    Cant believe that the scabby battered old cat from the rocks has landed himself in such a good home – he had a very hard life before we picked him up – no thanks to the GingerBruiser who is still out there.He looks like a different cat thanks to Erica and Nicola.He was always a gentle pussycat and I am so glad he now has a ‘forever’ home.He looks as th ough he really appreciates his new comfortable life.It was well worth the trip to Alicante Airport to get him on his way.

  2. Chris

    Nice to see him looking so well and settled. Really is great to see what a difference you guys make.

    Congrats ALL

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