TRACES Required When Flying Re-Homed Animal

Just a reminder following couple recent enquiries: 1) a rehomed animal requires TRACES when crossing an EU border whether with a road transporter or a flight partner, and 2) only a association licensed to rehome a cat or dog in Germany can do so legally. Anything else and you are breaking the law, putting the animals welfare at risk, and the rescue and rehoming people face a fine. Remember just because you can get an animal into country avoiding TRACES doesn’t mean the local vets won’t report foreign pet passports to Government Vets who will request TRACES and if not available you face three risks ….

… return animal to original location immediately, put the animal to sleep, or pay for quarantine and new rabies vaccinations, which can cost 2.000€

And YES, if you adopt a new cat or dog and then fly to collect it yourself you still need TRACES as the reason for the animals transport is because of a change of ownership to the animal NOT a change of circumstances to the owner.

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