Transport January 12

13/01/13: All the Germany cats and dogs have now been dropped off in Bruchsal, Wallau and Dusseldorf and the transport is on time and headed for the UK.
0730: Latest news is that Gandi has replaced Zachary, who did not want to go to his foster home, on the transport! Today we are also missing Sheridan and Buffy who also did not want to be caught. I hope their adoptants will wait 4 more weeks. These nervous little cats sometimes do not understand we are trying to give them better lives!

12/01/13: The first transport of 2013 has begun: Dogs Selena, Africa, Aruba, Ela and Libia, along with cats Izzy, Melodi and Manchi, left Almerimar at 0530. As I write Chris will be arriving in Almeria to pickup more cats: Daniela, Lala, Catwoman, Garfield, Zachary, Bobbin, Tom, Suri, Zander, Georgiana, Rodri, Boris, Tany and Albi. We have unfortunately had a few cats problems and Queta, Pali, Sheridan and Buffy who were scheduled to travel have missed this transport. More news on them later. Next stop will be Los Gallardos Camping to pickup dog Negri and cats Jasper, Petra, Rory, Bonnie, Chico and Mimi. These will be the last AlStrays cats. Then at El Limite services dogs Norman, Peggy, Prince, Pepita will get on board.

Next stop is Respsol Santomera near to Murcia where the last cats Toby, Elsa, Julius, Peewee, Beau, Ebby, Jack, Raphi, Odin and Garfalito will join, along with dogs Trufa, Cobi, Purdey, Tiny, Tina & Monty. It is then on to HOVAR to collect dogs Memphis, Dolly, Sita, Juan Carlos, Pepper, Stella, to La Marina for Daisy, Freddy, Obama, Dukski, and finally to San Antonio Services for the last dog Ximo. The transport will then make a quick stop in France to drop off 2 of the dogs before heading for our first main drop-off in Bruchsal Germany. We will have 33 cats, 27 dogs and 2 drivers on board and I wish them all a safe and not too uncomfortable journey. I will be, as always, awaiting news of their safe arrival, particularly of the little cats that I have met personally and the 5 lovely dogs that spent last night here in Almerimar! AND to all the animals I wish a long and happy new life. Thankyou to everyone who has helped them in any way, and to all the people in Germany, France and the UK who will be taking over from tomorrow.

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