March 2012 Transport

17/03/12: Another AlStrays transport has ended successfully, or almost, as Chris and Mick are now headed for the UK with one remaining dog. All the AlStrays cats, and Gitana my rescue dog were dropped off between 7:30 and 10 am in either Bruchsal or Wallau, along with Taru. Little Yorkie Sara was then met by her adoptants at a service station near Cologne at 11:30am. All the animals are fine and by now will be settling into their families or foster homes, after Katzenherzen taxi rides! Well done and thankyou again to everyone involved and a safe journey home for Chris and Mick!

16/03/12: Today 35 cats and 4 dogs set off for new lives, mostly in Germany but we have 1 dog travelling all the way to the UK. First on board, here in Almerimar, were cats Jack and Pandora being re-homed, and Sombra who arrived from a Cordoba rescue home on Thursday morning, and Gitana my rescue dog. Then in Almeria Aristoteles, Brooke, Katia, Woody, Ricky, Patrick, Pumuky, Pitu, Lulu, Siro, Brons, Plato, Pluto, Dolly, Pepo and Leonila joined from Montse’s cat rescue, along with dogs Taru and Sara from the Alondra DuPont protectora. Next stop was Los Gallardos where 6 cats from PAWs Mojacar, Max, Bronnen, Milos, Marley, Sammi and Carries Ann were loaded, along with Katinka from Cobdar, Buster from Vera and Olivia and Apollo from Sorbas, AND Jaz and Ghenghis 2 more ‘owned’ cats being re-homed from Turre. The final pick-up stop was Murcia where Leah, Leandra, Lana and Yaska from Angeles’s rescue joined and Scraggles the dog destined for the UK.

Most of these animals were rescued as vulnerable kittens, whilst some were ‘at risk’ adult cats, and the remainder are ex-strays for re-homing, and four rescue dogs. Of these 31 are AlStrays animals, of course mostly cats. Gitana is my sole dog rescue and this is because she followed me to my front door. She is the exception. Katsenherzen and AlStrays re-home cats, but we are happy to provide transport for dogs to help them in this way. I wish all the animals and our 2 drivers a safe journey, and our passengers as always long, safe and happy lives.

The last news via Twitter was 3 hours ago. All the animals were loaded and after breakfast for the drivers, Chris and Mick, the transport was full steam to Germany, with the first stop at Bruchsal scheduled for 7:30am.

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