Transport November 2012

11/11/12: In the last 15 minutes the last dogs have been dropped off near Hanover, following drop-offs in Dusseldorf, Wallau and Bruchsal. Another transport is successfully concluded and our new van has turned for home. Safe journey home drivers and thank you!
10/11/12: Today another transport is on its way to Germany with 19 cats and 7 dogs. 14 cats are going to Katzenherzen, our long-term partner, and 5 cats we are transporting for other organisations. Chris set off from Almerimar at 7am with Chanel, a very special cat, who Pam and I have brought back to health, after she came to us weighing only 2kg, AND Barney, a very special dog rescued by my friend Tracey. They had 4 other dogs, Tyrion, Elma, Neco and Amor for company, who had all spent the night with us here. Next stop was the Mojonera where Bianca and LillyFee joined, and then Almeria for Kendra, Jonas, Mackie, Mandy, Cloe, Maya, Whitney, Hatti, Eddi, Markus, Topa and Eliza. At about 9am Chris will make a quick stop just outside Sorbas to pick up Sophia, and then the last 2 cats, Bertie and Tuesday, will board at our usual stop at Camping los Gallardos. Chris will then pick up 2 more dogs, Lichi and Lupo in Denia, followed by our co-driver near Benidorm, and then everyone will be on board! Good luck to all the travellers for the trip and I wish all the animals happy and healthy new lives as always.

AND this is the first trip in our new van, which will be a surprise for all. Photos next trip!!!

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  1. Chris

    One of the reasons I do the driving and not Sands is my ability to use a Sat Nav: Benidorm is before Denia as you head up the AP7 x

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