Transport October 2012

15:40: Fudge the dog has just been dropped off in Holland which completes this transport. I wish Chris and Mick a safe and hopefully rain-free journey back home. See you tomorrow guys!
14/10/12: Almost all the cats and dogs have now been unloaded. Next stop Koln for 3 cats and then 1 dog for Holland.
13/10/12: Today 27 more cats and 4 dogs are on route to new lives in Germany and Holland. Already on board are Millie and Jayden from SOS Pechina. Thankyou to Pam for fostering them here while we got them healthy. Also Dorito, Pitufa and Tibu from Cordoba. Thankyou to John and Jenny for 2 nights B&B while they waited for the next leg of their journey on today’s transport. Also Estella, Frieda, Aida and Felix who joined in Mojonera, Sugar and Lenny from the Alondra Dupont Protectora, Gretel and Wolfgang from foster homes in Almeria, and Concha, Fergus, Dany, Misha, Hanibal from Montse’s rescue home, and big Persian Micky from SOS Pechina and then Montse’s.

Just loading in Los Gallardos will be Jerry, Margo, Lilly, Frank, Milady and Charlie, and then it is on to Murcia to pick up the last 2 cats Ulises and Anto from the Angeles protectora.

In addition we have Fudge the dog joining in El Limite and then Pacho, Jacky and Hanna in Murcia.

I wish all 31 passengers and our 2 drivers a safe and not too uncomfortable journey, and all the animals happy and healthy new lives. Thankyou to everyone who has helped them in any way, to all the people who are about to take them into their homes, and as always a big thankyou to Katzenherzen for their continued work to re-home my stray cats, AND to our 2 drivers who do the ‘man’ bit!!!

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