Transport Update

Another good morning for Almerimar Strays. Mary and I went up to see Jos, his vet Miguel and Karin at the dog rescue and managed to get the passports for Tabitha and Charlie sorted, AND Jos finally confirmed that we DO have 3 boxes on the transport for this Saturday, so Bonny and Felix will also be on their way. This is great as I am expecting confirmation that little Felix also has a permanent home to go to.

I’ve also spoken to Roya today who is definitely willing to take Jasper on her flight to Munich on Friday, so now I am just waiting for her to check with her airline that this is ok. Meanwhile little Bono will also be travelling by air on the 17th back to Switzerland with his new parents who are kindly coming all this way to collect him. We are looking forward to meeting them on Sunday.

Today up at the dog rescue we also met a lovely older man who had just rescued 2 beautiful puppies whom he found starving in the ramblers with only a dead goat as food. They are now safe and will be well looked after while they too wait for re-homing in Germany. The more I am involved in working with the strays, the more I realise that alongside the not so great people who abandon their pets and are cruel to or uncaring about animals, there are lots of kind people who are willing to give time and money to helping their cause.

Miguel Jos’s vet was also very helpful, and has said that, although Friday is officially ‘cat day’, ANY day that we manage to catch Mimi cat, we can phone ahead and take her up for what will now be definitely an abortion, as she grows worrying rounder by the day!!!

We were talking about the stray cat population with Miguel, and he does believe that if people didn’t interfere then equlibrium would result, where the number of animals wasn’t greater than the naturally available food sources. He did however understand how hard it is not to feed them, and conceded my point that the ‘not so great’ people were also contributing to the problem by abandoning their pets, who were unlikely to be able to fend for themselves, being non-feral.

Anyway he does also have a point, which is why I started and think it is vital to keep up our program of sterilisations alongside the kind people who feed these lovely animals daily. Basically I believe that if we humans are kindly interfering by providing more and better food, we must also responsibly intervene in more humane population control than the more natural starvation, ‘survival of the fitest’ selection. If only certain of our semi-ferals like Mimi appreciated our efforts more by allowing themselvs to be caught!


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  1. Chris

    That is good news, Mimi certainly needs catching though 🙂

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