Transporting Bulgarian Rescue Dogs

I recently provided a last minute Charter Transport for some Bulgarian Street Dogs being rehomed by RSDR (Rudozem Street Dog Rescue).

Our paths first crossed as far back as 2015 when they got in touch for some advice on TRACES, and a request to quote for the transport of their dogs (and cats) from Bulgaria to Holland and the UK. As we were based in Spain at the time our journey was going to be Spain to Bulgaria to Holland to UK to Spain, so although was happy to provide a quote, we were always going to be more expensive than a Bulgarian, or UK based pet transporter.

Life moves on and a couple weeks ago I got a email asking if was anyway could help with an upcoming transport as the Bulgarian transporter was only able to transport the dogs as far as Holland. I was unable to go to Bulgaria to collect the dogs and deliver in Holland and UK, but I was able to collect the dogs in Holland and bring them to the UK.

It was impressive though that they were taking the time to ensure that they did everything correctly.

The reason for this post is to pass on how impressive I found the RSDR people and their organisation.

Speaking from the view point of a pet transporter all information was provided on time, with no gaps, and some helpful information and photos of the dogs. If all rescues said a dog was a medium and delivered a medium dog life would be so much easier for us transporters!

All parties confirmed they had accessed the transport page and monitored the updates pre and during transport. Again this is a weight off the mind knowing that during a transport everyone is reading the updates and tracking the journey, and as were able to catch a Shuttle 90 minutes ahead of schedule it worked well as the Kennel in the UK not only saw the updates, but received a confirmatory call from the co-ordinator.

Picking up the dogs was perfect: secure parking, volunteers walking the dogs, then waiting patiently for them to be loaded. All the dogs had collars with their names on which saved me using my labels and impressed the kennels in the UK no end. While I was waiting for the volunteers to arrive I noticed that the new owners that were collecting their dogs in Holland were all going to get a little goodie bag, which is a nice touch. Common across Holland and Belgium, less so in the UK where the dogs tend to be delivered to the new owners rather than to one rescue who then get the owners to collect them ….. guess which I prefer!!!????

Paperwork was all labelled, filed and correct ….. much to my delight as anyone that knows me will appreciate.

Delivery in the UK was to Birchwood Lodge Boarding Kennels & Cattery, a first visit for me, and both Andy and Sam were excellent. They checked the passports against their list of dogs, securely transferred them to their kennels, signed the Confirmation of Delivery report and were kind enough to comment that it made a change a) for a pet transporter to be early rather than late and b) that the tracking and updates had been really helpful.

All in all then a thoroughly enjoyable transport dealing with a very professional bund of people and organisations, who installed confidence throughout.

Not sure I will be rushing back to full time pet transports anytime soon i.e. ever, but I am always happy to help out if there is a problem, and would be more than happy to work with RSDR again.

On a personal note this trip means that since 2010 we have now covered 755,755 miles delivering 7782 cats and dogs either to or from the following countries – Portugal, Spain, France, Italy, Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia, Hungary, Bulgaria, Romania, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Holland, Belgium, England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland.

7 thoughts on “Transporting Bulgarian Rescue Dogs

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  2. C Armstrong

    Just wondering if you happen to have details of a pet transporter for a dog /large puppy from Bulgaria to the UK please?
    I can meet them in Folkstone / Dover or wherever to help.
    Thank you for any help. 😀

  3. Chris Marshall Post author

    I don’t have any specific details. I suggest you contact Ella’s Paws (details on the Transporters page in top menu) as they may be able to help, or know someone that can.

  4. Tracey

    I am trying to get a Homeless lady who has been exploited back to Bulgaria from the UK. I have a temp passport for her and the dogs paperwork will be in order on 12 June. I can fly her back for less than £20! But the dog? Ideally looking for someone to take them both by car? Any ideas?

  5. Chris Marshall Post author

    Try Ella Paws Transport (link on the Transporters section at the top of the page) as they may be able to take the dog back when they go back to Romania

  6. Norman Vigus

    I am looking to try and get a young rescued dog/pup tagged street dog, back to the the UK from BG. For my daughter who is looking for a new pet family member. I can sort all the jabs and passports and certificate out. Just need someone/or company here at some point later to transport the dog from here in BG back to her in the UK. any advice or help on this.

  7. Chris Marshall Post author

    I would try Ellas Paws Transport. You will find their details in the Transporters Page at the top of the site. Good Luck!!

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