Transports Stopped At Calais

I received a message last night saying that “all transports had been stopped at Calais yesterday”. The only information the person contacting me had was that they thought they had stopped transports from “everywhere”, although they only had confirmation from Romania, Serbia and Croatia, and were unsure about Spain.

Having not heard or seen anything on Facebook or online at all yesterday regards the stopping of transports I would be very surprised if it was a blanket stoppage.

My guess, and it is just a guess, based on having seen many an Eastern European transport at Calais is that they have been stopped for exploiting the PETS Scheme. Pretty much every transport I have seen has had 25 animals and 3 drivers and they have had 2 drivers drive over from the UK to meet them and make up the quota of 5 animals per person. This means they are using the PETS Scheme for re-homed animals rather than TRACES. Add in the fact that when we tried ti set up a transport from Romania not one rescue was registered for TRACES and my money would be on this being the reason.

Another theory is that following on from an article in the Daily Mail last week about puppy smuggling they have decided to get tougher at the border. I doubt this as there s a similar story somewhere pretty much every week these days. It may have prompted tighter checks, but they have been getting more vigorous throughout the year.

If I find out more I will post an update. If you have heard anything please leave a comment or get in touch.

8 thoughts on “Transports Stopped At Calais

  1. Chris Marshall

    Latest Update: Mixture of both of your theories I think. It was Eli transport from Romania. Border control wanted to know that all dogs had definite homes to go to and were not being used for breeding. Not sure what happened. I think they got people to come over to meet them in Calais.

  2. Chris Marshall

    Another Update: SUNDAY MORNING DOGGIE TRANSPORT NEWS!!!! The dogs in Calais are now being checked again at the border. All passports and paperwork is in order. Yesterday, the UK border agency at Calais were insisting all the dogs on transports (Eli and many others) were for commercial purposes and could not cross as simple pets as stated in the passports. Last night, we made sure we all got declarations of adoption with scanned passports and drivers licences to Eli for them to show today as proof all our doggies are bound for homes and not commercial breeding etc.
    All our dogs have been well cared for overnight, they are all doing fine. Volunteers are right now on their way to Calais to help bring the dogs across and we’re all hoping with everything we’ve got these babies will arrive safe today.
    Will update with more news as soon as there is anything more to report. Hang in there babies, we’re waiting for you!!!!

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