Trixie & Friend Bilbo & Imogen

30/01/14: Trixie actually had a second friend at Miguel Angel’s. This was a sweet little female of 8 months Imogen. Her brother Tucci was re-homed some months ago, but because Imogen was very sick with a chest infection as a baby kitten, we decided to keep her in Spain until we knew she was healthy. Imogen (now Nana) also traveled to Germany at the weekend to a forever home. She will be the friend to another kitten called Mimi, and after just 3 days the 2 are already becoming close. Imogen does have a little cold from the transport but she is eating well and has settled easily into her new home. She is a little sweetheart.

28/01/14: Latest news is that Trixie travelled to a foster home in Germany at the weekend with her new best buddy, little Bilbo. He is just as affectionate and sweet as Trixie, having been found abandoned in a box with his siblings, who have found homes in Spain. The 2 friends were having a party as soon as they got out of their transport boxes on Sunday, and today some lovely new photos arrived of 2 lovely, happy kittens. Enjoy!
08/01/14: Meet Trixie! She is the 3rd kitten that I took out of Pechina. She wasn’t really sick but is so completely adorable I couldn’t leave her there. She likes to climb over people, put her paws round their neck and give kisses! She is so so sweet. I moved her quickly away from Pepa and Bertie because she was too healthy and playful for them, and she is now in a foster home with other kittens and some big dogs that she seems completely comfortable with!

Best Buddies
Best Buddies

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Trixie and Bilbo in their foster home in Germany:

Trixie in Spain:

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