Two starving dogs and a decapitated puppy

This news of a recent animal cruelty case in Indiana is extremely graphic and distressing.

In the beginning of March 2021, police were called to an Evansville, Indiana home, and what they found inside was heartbreaking. Two adult dogs, emaciated beyond belief, were slowly starving to death, their hip and rib bones jutting out dramatically. The owner bogusly claimed that they had lost weight from throwing up after getting into some bleach, even though their condition was clearly the result of weeks if not months of consistent malnourishment. With them was a puppy who appeared to be in good health — but judging by its skin-and-bone companions, that would not be the case for long. But the police abandoned them, flippantly telling the owner — who was at best struggling, and at worst actively abusing them — to take them to the vet.

Less than two weeks later, animal control received reports of a dead dog at the same residence. And it wasn’t one of the two dogs that had been actively starving — it was the young, healthy puppy. The poor baby had been beheaded. And the two other dogs were no better than they had been before. Luckily, they were removed and will hopefully make a full recovery with proper care — but they were in such bad condition that no one is sure at this point. Police could have prevented this at the first sign of cruelty, but instead a puppy lost its life, and two other dogs are fighting for theirs. This cycle of abuse needs to end here. Sign the petition and ask that Evansville authorities make this right — bar this person from owning or keeping animals ever again!

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