Unlicensed, uninsured driver destroys rescue dog vehicle. Life-saving work in peril.

An unlicensed, uninsured driver totaled our animal rescue vehicle in South Africa. Please help us buy a new vehicle and get back to SAVING ANIMAL LIVES!

While taking three dogs to a vet, FA co-founder Shireen Williams was involved in a dreadful accident in their only vehicle – one that our supporters bought for them four years ago. The driver responsible for the accident was uninsured and unlicensed, a situation that is unfortunately not uncommon in South Africa. The loss of the vehicle is a shocking blow to animals in South Africa’s Western Cape because without it, FA cannot conduct vitally needed rescue missions in some of the poorest places in Africa.

Fallen Angels’ co-founder was trapped in the wreckage of their totaled vehicle – but she begged rescuers to help the animals first!

FA is situated in a rural area far from vet clinics and emergency supplies. While they do as much as they can on-site, a vehicle is vital to quickly respond to animal emergency rescues. Having a vehicle means they can instantly remove animals from abusive or dangerous situations, or rush sick animals to the vet.

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