Update On Tommy & Caesar

Tommy is doing ok. Our neighbours are looking after him really well and forgiving his toilet accidents, that were becoming quite numerous until we had him castrated on Thursday. Now things are better and we remain hopeful that he can be an indoor cat and therefore have a good life. Because Tommy is FIV positive he must stay away from other cats so cannot go back to his previous outdoor life.

So far he appears to not mind too much, and maybe the girls in Germany will find him a lovely apartment home with a big balcony.

In the next 10 days I will start sorting out his vaccinations and have him chipped. The plan is to take this nice and slowly with him so as not to overload his compromised immune system.

Meanwhile Caesar, having spent nearly 2 weeks up at the cat rescue with Gisela, is now making himself very comfortable in Pam’s study. He wasn’t too happy about the 20 odd other cats up at Gisela’s so we thought he would be happier back here in Almerimar.

The plan was that this would just be for his last week, to check him over before he travelled to Germany on Friday. However I realised that we didn’t have time to get all his vaccinations in properly before the transport so he will now have to wait until at least the end of the month.

This is actually a good thing for him as he is still thin and not in the greatest condition, and he is very welcome at Pam’s for the next few weeks, as she and John have quickly become rather fond of him, and plan to integrate him with their 3 cats this week.

The Monster Mog (his nickname) of old who terrified poor Monty in the street, has definitely lost his confidence. He is now a very sweet (and castrated!) cat, desperate for human affection. My theory is that at lot of his previous aggression was due to being a full macho male surrounded by females in season. However I do think that as an abandoned cat he has become very sad, worried and lonely, AND I look forward to him being a little more rounded of belly again, and with a bit of his old swagger back!

AND as for this week … a rest is planned. We have no cats to deliver to the transport on Friday now and no plans to castrate or vaccinate anybody until next week. FANTASTIC! I for one am looking forward to the break.

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