Urge Denmark to Stop Killing Pigs in Military Training

Pigs in Denmark are forced to endure “war- and terror-related injuries” each year as part of cruel and deadly military drills. These injuries include gunshot wounds, blast wounds, amputation, punctured lungs, airway injuries, eye damage, and more.

Following extensive discussions with PETA and our affiliates, Denmark has reduced the number of animals mutilated for these training drills by 91%. We need your help to put a complete stop to this madness.

Live tissue training (LTT) is crude and ineffective. It’s been abandoned by nearly three-quarters of NATO member nations in favour of more effective, state-of-the-art human-patient simulators that can mimic severe bleeding, breathing difficulties, responses to medication, and even death in humans. These methods don’t cause harm and have proved more effective.

Danish authorities claim there are no non-animal training models that meet their needs. But when pressed by PETA to provide a list of the specific animal-free methods they had investigated, they were unable or unwilling to do so. Denmark’s apparent ignorance of all available non-animal methods isn’t a legally permitted excuse for continuing to use animals in LTT.

Please ACT NOW to urge the Danish defence minister to end the barbaric use of animals in military trauma training exercises and switch to modern, effective, non-animal methods.

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