URGENT: 12 Dogs’ Lives Are At Risk

Life for a stray dog in the Middle East is cruel and full of suffering. 

Many people there fear strays and, as a result, kill them in brutal ways. It breaks my heart to tell you this, but these innocent dogs are often poisoned, shot, and beaten to death. All because they do not have a home.

Right now, we have the chance to save 12 dogs in the Middle East from a life of pain and despair. 

One of those dogs is Sokka. Sergeant Bailey found Sokka, her mom, and her sibling scavenging for food in a junkyard. Sokka was tiny, dehydrated, and hungry. The Sergeant rushed to get them food and water. For days, the Sergeant returned to care for them.

One morning, the Sergeant found Sokka all alone. Sokka’s mom had rejected her.

Sokka was only three weeks old, and the Sergeant knew she would not survive on her own and took her in. For the first time in her life, Sokka was safe and loved.

But Sokka’s safety is at risk once again. The Sergeant’s deployment is ending, and she desperately needs your help bringing Sokka to the United States. The military will not allow Sokka to travel with them. We are her only hope. Will you please help us get Sokka to safety?

The Sergeant is the only family Sokka has left. We can not let them be separated from one another. We can not leave Sokka behind for what will surely be a painful death. 

Donate $35 to save Sokka’s life.

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