Vets smelled this dog’s infected gunshot wound before they even laid eyes on it

A veterinary clinic in Savannah, Missouri recently dealt with a case of abuse and neglect against a dog so terrible, they are offering their own monetary reward to whoever has information that may find the person(s) responsible. Staff at Angels Vet Express & M’Shoogy’s were literally moved to tears when they saw the condition this poor 10-year-old boxer was in. 

One employee said that “she could smell the decaying dog before she saw” it. Not only was the dog entirely emaciated, just skin and bones; it had an infection on its face so terrible, its “head was almost ‘eaten off with infection.'” Vets thought the most likely cause of the infection was an untreated gunshot, since the poor dog had a hole traveling all the way through its face and mouth. They had no choice but to mercifully euthanize the poor thing.

This kind of neglect and abuse was intentional and longterm, and it cannot go uninvestigated! Sign the petition to demand a thorough and quick investigation by St. Joseph Animal Control & Rescue, and share it to spread the word!

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