Vets think the attacker was trying to chop the poor dog’s ear off

A man in the United Kingdom who had just lost his father was on his way to make funeral arrangements when he suddenly had to face yet another tragedy. He saw a dog so battered and bloody on the side of the road that he thought she must have been struck by a car just moments before. But once he rushed her to get help, those who saw Ruby the 9-year-old bulldog knew this was not as simple as a traffic accident. Ruby had a massive, deep wound on her head that her rescuers now think was inflicted by a machete.

Ruby is alive and healing; even though she must be suffering from immense pain and emotional trauma, vets say she is wagging her tail and trying to lick their faces. But whoever did this to her certainly did not want her to be happy, let alone survive the brutal attack. An attack this violent and cruel serves as a red flag. Whoever is behind this needs to be apprehended at once before they hurt themselves or another living thing. Too often, animal abuse cases like this one serve as precursors for violence against people. Please use your voice to speak up for Ruby! Sign the petition asking that Merseyside Police find those responsible so that they can get the help they need, and so no other animals or people fall into harm’s way!

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