Video shows a bulldog being hung by its neck and dragged across concrete

A Video Went Viral of a Man Dragging and Ripping His Dog’s Body Across Hard Concrete. He Hasn’t Been Charged With a Single Crime.

“You idiot!” Those are the words that could be heard accompanying heinous dog abuse in Hamilton, Ontario this summer.

Horrified neighbors watched — thankfully one even got video evidence — as a man dragged his poor, exhausted dog by the collar around its neck against the hard, hot sidewalk, allegedly screaming at and hitting it along the way.

There’s no telling what led up to this incident, but the dog was likely too fatigued to carry on or too terrified to willingly go with its abuser. Dragging it almost to the point of hanging was not a solution. It was pure cruelty. 

We’re so grateful that kind animal welfare workers rescued this dog. But its owner has not been charged with a single crime…meaning he could easily get the dog back once the legal hold is up.

Sign the petition to demand Hamilton officials keep this dog and all other animals safe from this man by charging him with animal abuse!

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