Walmart is openly profiting from animal cruelty!

PETA recently discovered Theppadungporn Coconut Co., maker of Chaokoh coconut milk, is using some of the cruelest methods imaginable to harvest coconuts in Thailand. Monkeys are stolen from their families in the wild, or bred in captivity never knowing a life of freedom. The sweet creatures spend hours in cages so small that they can hardly stand, turn, or move at all. When they are finally free from the cage, things only get worse — they are forced to go up and down trees all day in the hot sun, harvesting coconut after coconut, compelled by the threat of violent abuse. If the poor monkeys try defending themselves at all, handlers have no problem ripping out their teeth so that they don’t stand a chance.

Monkeys are highly intelligent, emotionally advanced, and extremely social. This kind of life would be torture for any living thing, but they feel its psychological and physical effects accutely. Is coconut milk worth all this cruelty? You may not think so, but Walmart certainly does. While Costco responded to PETA’s report by dropping Chaokoh entirely, Walmart’s response was shameful, vague, and promised zero actual change. While spouting buzzwords and fancy phrases like “sourcing responsibly” and “corrective action,” the company chose to ignore where its true power lies — in its deep pockets. If Walmart truly “will not tolerate animal abuse of any kind,” let’s ask them to prove it. Sign the petition and demand that Walmart, the United States’ largest retailer, put its money where its mouth is and drop all Chaokoh products immediately!

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