We must protect captive elephants from further abuse

Elephants Shouldn’t Be Taught to Perform Unhealthy Tricks

Elephants are smart, social, soulful creatures. But there are some things they just should not do. For example: unnatural, unhealthy tricks like headstands. In a recent video posted to Twitter that’s since gone viral, someone is filming as a handler washes a captive elephant. The animal leans forward onto its trunk and head, moving into a headstand while a man sprays the creature down with water. The people who posted the Twitter video may have been impressed with the stunt. But luckily most animal lovers on the internet know better — and they’re rightly outraged.

While an elephant standing on its head might seem amusing at first glance, it’s an unnatural behavior that these majestic beings do not display in the wild. That means they’ve been forcibly taught to perform these unusual tasks. And the way handlers train elephants is anything but humane. Instead, they employ vicious, horrific tactics like stabbing the animals with bull hooks, or shocking them with cattle prods. The video has since been removed from Twitter, but it was online long enough for it to amass more than 300,000 views. And when a video like this goes viral, it means more and more people could be lulled into believing such cruel exploitation is normal. Twitter must implement a stronger system to catch these videos before they go viral! Sign the petition if you agree!

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