We must save critically endangered red wolves now!

Red Wolves Are The World’s Most Endangered Wolves. And They’re on the Brink of Extinction

Red wolves are the rarest canine in the world – and now they’re nearly extinct. Experts estimate there are fewer than 20 left in the wild, 14 of which are confirmed and collared by conservationists.

The U.S. government’s Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS) must take action now to save these important wolves before it’s too late!

Red wolves closely resemble coyotes, so hunters frequently shoot and kill them. Approximately one-third of wolves that researchers reintroduced to the wild this year were shot!

Despite hundreds of shootings of these increasingly endangered animals over the past 25 years, authorities have not prosecuted a single individual for red wolf poaching.

Clearly, the USFWS must step up its efforts to protect this majestic, cherished wolf.

The USFWS must commit more resources to protect rare red wolves from extinction! Sign the petition now if you agree!

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