We must stop this shark-hunting tournament – now

Sharks Need Our Protection. But This Tournament Rewards People for Hunting Them Down.

On July 9, fishermen in Florida are hosted a shark fishing tournament — and they’re claiming this bloody sporting event is somehow actually for research. Yet the whole tournament is aimed at making money and convincing the general public that there are supposedly “too many” sharks around (a claim that experts have proven is false). Anyone wanting to be involved in the shark-fishing event must pay $100 per boat to join in. Flyers advertising the event promise participants that they could receive cash prize rewards if they successfully catch one of the heaviest sharks.

Shark researchers, environmentalists, and local divers have all affirmed that today’s shark-hunting event will be bad news. Overall, shark populations are on the decline. They need help and protections, not a massacre! And since sharks are incredibly important for the overall ecosystem, it could throw everything out of balance. These apex predators help preserve a healthy food web structure. Without them, Florida’s waters — and the rest of the ocean beyond! — could see horrifically damaging consequences. Florida authorities should never have allowed this tournament to begin with. Demand they shut this operation down, and never allow it to happen again in the future! Sign the petition to help the sharks!

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