Stray Cats Update 16/01/09

This has been a busy and successful week for Almerimar Strays, certainly for me! Little Bono has needed 3 trips to the vet and many feeds with syringes. His mouth continues to be a problem and we are hoping that his latest Cortisone treatment will finally do the trick and free up his muscles so that he can eat properly by himself. Now he is enjoying baby food, kindly donated by Gisela, and Mary is proving to be the star feeder, at her last attempt getting ALL of 30 syringes down him.

On Tuesday we rescued 2 more kittens out of a litter of 5 that were abandoned on the rocks just after Xmas. First we took a little female tortoisehell who appeared to have a bad cold and wasn’t eating well, after Jenny kindly agreed to take her for this week. The poor little thing was crying and seemed quite distressed to find herself all alone, so we went back for one of her brothers, and both are doing well, sneezing less and have been named as Bonny and Bruno … sweet. Tomorrow they will go to Tracy for the next 10 days and we are hoping to catch a third sibling to go with them.

Today was another good day. We have been worried about a lovely mainly white, and black Tomcat that has been begging for food mainly in La Plaza. Thank you to Heather for her kindness in giving him some food. He is a lovely friendly boy and must have been someone’s cat at some time. I am pleased to say that having found him a foster home, I picked him up easily today and he is now also well fed and out of the cold, AND the customers at La Plaza can eat in peace!

On Wednesday Mary and I visited the cat rescue home to help Gisela as she is unwell again and struggling with all the cleaning. We are happy to help as she is a sweet lady and has done so much to help cats over the past 10 years. She told us that she has sent over 300 cats to Germany for re-homing, costing her a lot of time and money. She has finished as a cat rescue home due to her poor health, but has said that she will continue to support us in any way she can as her life is helping the cats.

This week I would like to help her with one of her cats who has been struggling with a cough for some weeks now. I think he needs a change of scene and some more time and attention. He is a beautiful tame, black male cat called Rabichu. I am very worried about him and concerned that he may miss the next transport to Germany on January 30th if he is not recovered. He has a home waiting for him there and really deserves a break. I urgently need a foster home for him for the next few days at least so that I can take him to Begona and gets some more antibiotics down him.

Other news this week is that I am now in contact with Jos from the dog rescue home and will be meeting up with him next week. I want to discuss what services his vet can offer us both for cats that we are getting ready to travel to Germany, and for our wild ones that will stay in the port but urgently need sterilisations. I am always looking for the best price as the money we have for the strays needs to go as far as possible.

On the funding front we are always looking for help and ideas. Pam will be having another book sale at the end of the month and we have some collection tins around the port. Currently I only have funding for cats, as this is money that has come back from the German organisation that I am liaising with, specifically for them. As I have said before, I am focusing on cats as they are taking enough of my time, and I have the right contacts in place. However, I am happy for anyone to use this site to fund-raise and help dogs, and from time to time I will publish good news stories about dog rescues.

The Almerimar Strays coffee was cancelled this week due to the problems up at the cat rescue, but we will be meeting again next Wednesday at our usual time of 4pm, and by popular vote for the next few weeks anyway, we will be meeting in cafe Darsena 1, in darsena 1!

Ok definitely a busy week but a good one. All we need now to make it a great one is some further improvement for little Bono. Watch out over the next few days for some more photos, including some of 2 of the great girls in Germany who work so hard to find good homes for so many strays.

And to all those kind people who continue to feed our stray cats, thank you and keep up the good work! It is very cold out there and these lovely animals need all the food they can get. I am giving Monty, Mimi and Tabitha cat in Calle Alcor extra rations and I think my biscuits are feeding a number of others who drop by, but they are all welcome.

5 thoughts on “Stray Cats Update 16/01/09

  1. Mary

    Bono and I are gettig on fine. Twice now he has finished everything Pam kindly prepared for him and in one sitting! This was 40+ syringes worth last night. He is also beginning to lick properly and his whole tongue is now coming out flat (it was curled up and twisted before)so I hope this is a good sign. He is such a cheeky chappie and so appreciative of everything you do for him. He is trying to take food direct from the bowl but hasn’t quite got the hang of it yet. Fingers crossed.

  2. Chris

    That sounds very positive indeed. Progress is good, it may be slow but that can’t be avoided.

  3. Jenny

    Bonny and Bruno.

    Both kitties are very cheerful, cheeky and playful this morning,and becoming more tame. Bonny was very shy at first but now lets me pick her up and cuddle her, and both are full of purrs and ‘kneeding’! They are really cute. However, Bonny is still sneezing a little, though improving. I haven’t heard Bruno sneeze for a while, so hopefully taking him off the rocks has saved him from the cold. Today they will be joined by another sibling and then into the good hands of Tracey, who did such a wonderful job with Adalita and her beautiful brother!

    I’ll be logging on to the website whilst in Bucharest
    to see how they are all getting on. So pleasing to hear that Bono is showing such remarkable improvement and progress and hopefully it wont be long before we’ll see him feeding himself.

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