Whoose Ginger Tom?

Gentle Boy

This beautiful, gentle cat was rescued in the last week by Julie North, who found him prostrate and bleeding in the road by La Coleta. She thought he was very seriously injured but it turned out that he had only damaged his mouth, consistent with a fall or being clipped by a car.

Julie has kindly been taking him to the vet for treatment, and he is healing well. I first met him on Sunday afternoon with Pam, and again yesterday when I took over some of my special dry food and meat smoothie, as he is still struggling to eat properly.

Pam thinks he looks like a cat that used to climb in and out of a balcony window above the square, so we are now putting up posters and trying to find out if he has an owner. He has definitely been someone’s cat as he is the most gentle, sweet creature.

If he is now an abandoned stray then we will need to find him a foster home in the next week, as Julie flies back to the UK. In the meantime he is being well looked after, and is very lucky that Julie found him lying in the road, and was caring enough to take him to the vet, and then take him home. We may not be able to re-unite him with his previous owner, but at least we will now keep him safe and if needed find him a new home.

Gentle Boy

5 thoughts on “Whoose Ginger Tom?

  1. Chris

    Try Chris Soroko. Think he has mentioned seeing a cat on the roof in the square several times.

  2. Black Cat

    What a sweet cat. I hope he can be reunited with his humans or, if not, find a loving forever home.

  3. Sands Post author

    Yes I hope so too. The Spaniards as a race are tough on animals, so it is possible that he has been abandoned. Anyway we will look after him and keep him safe now.

  4. Sands Post author

    Spoke to Claire today and the cat on the roof in the square has been seen in the last couple of days, SO it is NOT our ginger Tom.

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