Why does this violent, abusive veterinarian still have his license to practice medicine?

He Punched and Kicked Animals, But He Is Still a Practicing Veterinarian.

Disturbing, shocking, horrific — those are just a few of the adjectives journalists have used to describe recent leaked photos depicting animal abuse by a veterinarian in New York state. Most terrifying of all, though, is the fact that he is still licensed to practice veterinary medicine. Animal abuse is devastating in each and every instance — yet there is something especially scary about a vet perpetrating abuse. Pets and pet parents trust these individuals to be caring and compassionate. Even worse: as medical professionals who are paid to interact with and care for animals, they have ample access to helpless creatures.

Staff were so alarmed by what they saw at this veterinarian’s clinic, they themselves contacted police to report him. The leaked photos depict the vet in question aggressively hitting animals, kicking them, punching some pets brutally in the ribs, and even choking one dog. Investigators suspect that there were potentially many more instances of violent abuse that just weren’t caught on camera, especially since this person was working with animals day in and day out. So far, authorities have charged him with six counts of cruelty against animals. But if officials allow him to remain a medical professional, he still has the means to do untold damage to additional companion animals. The New York State Department of Education could change that, since it is in charge of veterinary licensure in the state. Sign the petition to tell regulators they must rescind this man’s license and ban him from ever practicing in the state in the future!


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