Will you help outlaw dishonest food labels?

Did you know right now there’s no law making it compulsory for food labels to show what kind of system a farmed animal comes from, except for egg-laying hens. It’s easy to see why. How keen would people be to buy a product if they could clearly see the suffering involved in its creation?

More than 80% of animals farmed in the UK are intensively reared, and their lives are a million miles from the happy pictures depicted on many food labels. That’s why it’s crucial for people to make informed decisions and to exercise their right to make a kinder choice when they shop.

We are calling on the Government for a transparent, mandatory labelling scheme based on farming and welfare systems used to raise the animal. We want people to have the power to choose products that are farmed to higher standards – you could help achieve this.

The UK Government says it’s interested in introducing clearer food labelling that covers animal welfare, but has made no commitment to a consultation. We must make sure this happens as a vital first step toward changing the law.

That’s why we need your help. NOW is the perfect time to make your first donation to Compassion in World Farming. A gift from you today will help fund our plans to stop food labels lying to us and help stamp out factory farming.

Imagine all the farmed animal suffering we could prevent if clear labelling was the law. This one step has the potential to transform the lives of millions of animals.

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