Will you help rescue a bear today?

Can you imagine life, where your only moments of breathing fresh air is when you’re being physically removed from one rusty old cage to another? Living your whole young life in conditions that are so bad authorities must intervene?

For Anya, an only 5 year old brown bear in Ukraine this is life so far,  We must rescue her and change her life for good.

Will you help us rescue Anya today?

Brown bear Anya was formally kept in the private run down Pokrovsk Zoo -Donetsk region, in such unacceptable conditions that authorities had to shut the zoo down.

We are set to rescue Anya  soon and are writing to you today because your help will ensure that Anya won’t have to suffer living under unacceptable conditions and will get a chance to start a new life, where she will be treated with respect, protected and loved.

Will you help us rescue Anya today?

Yes, I want to help

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