13/10/12: Wolfgang is also off to Germany today. This lovely older boy has a trial home with Cony from Katzenherzen, lucky boy. Cony’s old Tomcat died recently, and this sad loss has left a big hole in Cony’s family that we hope Wolfgang is going to help to fill. It is a great chance for this slightly nervous boy, as Cony and her husband are very experienced cat people and will give him all the time he wants. Julio is very sad today and says that Wolfgang is the nicest cat he has ever known. Let’s hope Cony’s cats think so too, and then Wolfgang, to be re-named Julius, will have a lovely forever home, including a safe roof terrace to relax on.

Enjoy his latest photos in the gallery below below.

30/07/12: Wolfgang is a lovely older cat, of about 6 years, that was rescued from the streets of Almeria by Julio, who has also rescued Lia. He is taking time to settle completely after his life on the streets, and is still hiding, possibly because of all the strange noises. He first started to come out mainly at night but is slowly growing in confidence. When he does appear he goes to Julio to be stroked, and he has no problem with the other house cats. Wolfgang seems to be a very gentle soul who will just need a little time, and who will benefit so much if we can find him a permanent home quickly. He is actually a handsome cat, with just a slight defect in one eye from an old injury. He will in time I think make a very good friend to another quiet, older cat.

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