Write to your MP: Post Brexit Pet Passport Scheme

From 2021, the UK will no longer be part of the Pet Passports scheme, but no agreement has yet been reached on how pet travel between the UK and EU will work from the New Year. 

This could mean guide dog owners will have to go through an expensive and time-consuming process before travelling, and even the rules on travelling to and from Northern Ireland could be different to the rest of the UK. 

“To be able to fully engage with my work, I need to travel internationally and especially within the EU. If I could not take my guide dog Lassie when travelling internationally, this would severely impact my ability to do my work and to see my family.” – Anica, guide dog owner.    

We’re asking the UK Government and EU to work together to reach an agreement on pet travel so guide dog owners like Anica can live the life they choose and travel with their guide dog.  

Will you write to your MP and ask them to tell the Minister why it’s so for important for guide dog owners that an agreement is reached on pet travel? 

Write to my MP

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