Zoo Zebra Has Skin Infection And Is Eating Own Feces

Most animals living in captivity in zoos meant to entertain the public live tragic, unnatural and sometimes tortured lives. That seems to be especially true for one zebra at the San Juan de Aragon Zoo in Mexico City. The poor creature is apparently suffering from some sort of skin infection and has recently been filmed eating his own feces, either out of starvation or psychological distress.

But one thing is clear: this zebra should be released to a sanctuary and this abusive zoo must be shut down!

Not only does the poor zebra have a skin infection, but he seems to have a pretty severe injury to his neck. Whatever is going on, it’s clear this animal is being abused and neglected. He seems to be locked in a concrete room, which is nothing like a natural zebra habitat. Not to mention animals do not typically eat their own feces, it’s almost always a sign of starvation or some sort of psychological distress.

We need to act now if we don’t want this poor animal to die a tragic death confined in a small room. Please sign the petition to demand Mexico shuts down this abusive zoo and sends all their animals to a sanctuary where they can have a shot at a happy life. 

Although this zebra has gotten notoriety for being filmed eating its own feces, a wildabeest died there recently too. There are also reports of major funding cuts for Mexican zoos, meaning things may be getting much worse. We can’t let these animals die such tragic deaths and suffer such horrible treatment in their lives. They are innocent beings and we must stand up for them.

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