12 January Transport Availability

12 January: UK & Germany (Bruchsal, Wallau and Düsseldorf)

This transport is FULL. For those with dogs and cats traveling on this transport you can see the schedule here, send us a message for the password.

9 Confirmed – Freddy (Medium), Pepper (Medium), Prince (Large) Memphis (Puppy), Dolly (Medium), Sita (Medium), Daisy (Small), Norman (Small)

15 Confirmed – Juan Carlos (Medium), Trufa (Large), Cobi (Small), Ximo (Medium), Suerte (Large), Dukaski (Large), Purdey (Small), Libia (Medium), Tina (Small), Tiny (Small), Africa (Medium), Stella (Large), Pepita (Small), Selena (Large), Negri (Medium)

2 Confirmed – Ela (Medium), Aruba (Medium)

Cats: 30

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