3 most dangerous pets to have

Dangerous pets have been making headlines all across the country as of late. It seems like there is a growing trend in the country to own exotic pets, which can be very dangerous. Worse yet, it seems like many exotic pet owners have become collectors and hoarders of these dangerous animals. Many of the most dangerous animals are obtained illegally, either through the black market or through illegal poaching or trapping of the dangerous animal. The problem is that many of these exotic pet and dangerous animal owners are not properly trained on how to handle the animals, so some of them actually end up dead either from a lethal bite, sting or any other kind of attack. By now, most of us have heard of Travis the Chimp, who was a pet monkey that was owned by an elderly woman. The woman treated the monkey like a human, so it was not kept in a cage, but rather lived inside the small apartment just like the old lady. She even fed it human medication and food, and literally treated it like her child. Unfortunately, but not surprisingly, Travis the Chimp ended up brutally attacking her and she ended up dying from the injuries sustained. This example should serve as a warning to anyone who owns potentially dangerous animals, or is thinking about owning a potentially dangerous animal. With that in mind, here are some of the most dangerous pets a person can own.

Scorpions are actually quite a common exotic animal. Some scorpions are poisonous, but can be harmless to humans. You would just end up feeling a little sting, with some swelling, something similar to a bee sting. But, the danger comes in when a person seeks to own a very poisonous scorpion- which tends to be done through illegal means, as most pet stores will not sell them. Scorpions are tough to gauge, and you could be stung without even realizing it was going to happen. Scorpions account for thousands of deaths per year in the wild, so imagine what could happen if you make one small mistake, and are not wearing the proper protection.

Poisonous Snakes
Poisonous snakes are very much in the same category as scorpions. They can strike without a moments notice, and you could be a goner before you even have a chance to react. Many pet snakes are not poisonous, but some are. It is important to know how to handle one correctly, as well as always wearing protection.

Dogs: Pit Bulls and Rottweilers
When it comes to dogs, it is all about how they are raised, but some are definitely more naturally prone to violence due to breeding.

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