Adorable Luca & MaryNury

26/05/13: And today more lovely photos arrived! See below. It seems they each have a BIG friendly rabbit to be their friend!!!
22/05/13: Now I have some lovely photos of these 2 in their new home.
26/04/13: Luca traveled to Germany on the 06.04 transport, originally destined for a lovely foster home there. However the week before the transport a family decided to adopt him, AND they have also adopted his little friend from Almeria, MaryNury who is also VERY sweet. I saw how nicely they played together when both came for my photo shoot, and decided that Luca was the perfect friend for little MaryNury. She is now about 8 months old but is a tiny girl, and she has some slight neurological problems resulting from a virus when she was only a few weeks old. She holds one leg slightly wrong and is a little less aware than other cats. Like Luca she is extremely loving and affectionate, and as her small handicaps don’t bother her at all, she is completely happy and loves to play. All she needed was the right safe home, and loving parents to care for her. She now has this with her little buddy Luca, so life should be perfect for both these little darlings. This is a very happy ending for them both, and is also a relief for MaryNury’s rescuer here in Spain. To her this little lady was very special because she had to fight to save her. I wish them both long, happy and healthy lives. I know they will bring much joy to their new family.

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30/03/13: Here is a gorgeous little boy to make you all smile on a Saturday evening! Luca was found by a lovely Spanish lady when she dropped her children off for school. He was trying to make friends with all the children, and was asking for help. It seems this adorable little boy, now 5 months old, had been abandoned in the street. Lucky for him that this kind lady knew we re-homed cats, and also knew the Spanish lady that runs a private rescue home in Almeria. He is now safe and healthy and ready for a new family. I met him yesterday for this photo shoot and he is So SoOOO sweet. I think he will have his forever home very fast!

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