AlStrays This Week 16/06/10

The last week has brought us 6 news cats, more enquiries, and some great and, in one case, rather unexpected news from Germany.

Generally things are a little unbalanced on the cat re-homing front over the summer. We get at times overwhelmed by the number of kittens, whilst as a lot of German people are on holiday, adoptants can become scarce, particularly for the big cats. During kitten season, it can feel that people only want kittens, and our beautiful big cats have to wait their turn. This year however we have been a little more lucky so far.

Chica & Sandy have already found their forever home, after only a week in Germany, and, as this is with a girlfriend of one of our great German girls, it couldn’t be much better. This news was my surprise of the week. These siamese mix girls are beautiful cats, but they are big girls, and as we were determined to home them together, I was resigned to wait some months for good news. It seems that their new Mum was visiting some other cats with a view to adoption, met our girls by chance, and Chica and Sandy were at their most charming. They will go to their new home in a couple of weeks.

Also off to their new home at the beginning of July are Rufus & Robin , the cute ginger brothers from PAWs Mojacar. This quick re-homing doesn’t surprise me as these boys are gorgeous and ginger or red cats are very popular in Germany.

Meanwhile our beautiful Almerimar boy Tigre has also been adopted in the last 10 days, and we all await news and new photos of him. Apparently his foster Mum (Anke) loved him so much she was in tears when he left.

We however needed Anke to be free to now foster Nelson. He is one of our wild ones, and unfortunately his forever home hasn’t worked out well. Sometimes people fall in love with a feral kitten but are not quite prepared for how untouchable these little darlings can be at the beginning. They can become sweet loving cats, but they need a lot of time and patience.

Foster Mum Anke loves helping the nervous ones, and Nelson will be the 3rd feral kitten she has fostered for us. I am feeling much more comfortable knowing that he will soon be in experienced loving hands, and to give you an indication of the dedication of the girls in Germany, Kerstin will drive a 800km round trip to catch and deliver our boy!

Other news on the re-homing front is that I have everything crossed that Chivers may have found his forever home. He is our character cat from the rocks, and is a gorgeous boy, but does have FIV, and FIV cats are much harder to home, and really need to live apart from healthy cats. Chivers appears however to have completely charmed his foster mum, who is seriously considering keeping him.

This kind lady has fostered a number of cats for the organisation in Germany, for in one case almost a year. She loves all cats but has written that Chivers is very special. He talks to her all day, and she plans her day around him, even carrying him on her arm when she is cleaning. All her friends think she should keep him, so I am hoping for some very good news soon.

So news is generally good from Germany, but then it usually is as the girls there do such a fantastic job for us.

Here in Spain, I continue to hear of more cats needing help. We have just taken in a beautiful little grey female of 10 months, along with her first litter of tinnies. Meanwhile, little Strolchy, featured in my last update, is doing really well and in a couple of weeks may have some playmates more his size, as there is a little of 5 kittens his age in a village near Mojacar. I have also been contacted about the beautiful 3 month old female pictured, and her sister. I hope to have a free foster home for them by next week.

Yesterday I was with vet Miguel at the protectora, with out new little family, with Julio the lovely siamese-mix boy who will travel to his adoptant on the next transport July 3rd, AND with our 6th news cat, a little kitten rescued from the square on Wednesday. On Friday I will be back there again to meet another lady who has rescued 3 beautiful, also siamese mix kittens. I am looking forward to meeting them and their mother, and they will be featured later in the week. Not surprisingly the 2 girl kittens already have an adoptant in Germany and their rescuer has fallen in love with their little brother and will be keeping him.

Next week I will be back in Mojacar with my big camera and video, to take new photos of all of their cats. The German girls are currently trying to find homes for 7 more of their cats and kittens and great photos are a huge part of this.

Also on my list, are a new semi-feral female and her 2 gorgeous kittens, who have appeared in a garden in my street. We are feeding them and hope to catch the kittens and sterilise Mum in the next few weeks. The rather elusive ginger tomcat from Berja is still on the list, and we will get to him as soon as we can make contact again with the people who are currently feeding him. I’m also aware of at least one other female cat needing sterilisation urgently here, and I still have a ‘shop cat’ from Playa Vera on my list and a lovely boy belonging to an English lady who may need re-homing soon.

There is lots to do, but 2 new fosterers are willing to help, and the girls in Mojacar are on standby to take any adult cat that I need help with urgently. There are cats needing help everywhere, and we are all trying to get to as many as possible, because as I keep saying, for everyone we do help we make a HUGE difference.

Beautiful Kitten


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