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Tuesday March 30th

Since my update yesterday we have now caught the beautiful kitten from near H@cker bar and ALSO the little dog that used to be with the tramp here. It has been a very busy evening and morning for me.

Yesterday evening around 8pm I had a call that the poor little dog had just given birth to 4 tiny puppies, so Pam and I dashed down and between us managed to get all 5 into a big dog box. Mother didn’t have too much resistance left so was easier to deal with than last week. Mary and I have taken them up to the dog rescue this morning, (after a night at Dawn’s) where they are at least safe but for now still in the box. A foster home is urgently needed as the protectora has no free good space for a Mum and tiny babies. I’m hoping for more news soon and that all are well and will survive. Any donations will be welcome.

In addition this morning Mary and I were up and out at 7am to try again to catch the H@cker kitten. We failed as the little man decided once again to keep a very low profile. We did however have coffee and a good chat with the lovely lady who works there and has been feeding him every morning. She thought he was avoiding us, and agreed to takeover the catch attempt. Just as we were about to set off with the dogs and Tigre for his final vaccinations, we got a call to say that she had succeeded. Little Carouso is now hiding behind the furniture at Erika’s, but as her very tame kittens are trying to make friends, I hope he will be less nervous soon.

Erika has also agreed to take the kitten from Villas Blancas, so that will hopefully be our next rescue this week. Meanwhile whilst waiting in the dark at 7am for Carouso, a rather beautiful tabby male, not unlike Tigre, did decide to step into the catch cage. It was very tempting to spring the door, but as I didn’t have a foster home lined up for a fully grown male, I have added him to the list for a later date, in the knowledge that the sweet lady from h@cker bar is for now feeding him.

Monday March 29th

Since my last update 2 weeks ago things have started to pick up again, and to be honest are never as quiet as I at times hope they will be!


We are still trying to catch the beautiful half-siamese kitten from H@cker Bar in Darsena 1. So far we have had about 5 attempts and Mary and I have now decided to go there at 7am tomorrow morning when a kind Spanish lady normally feeds him. Dawn has kindly agreed to foster him, but as yet he is being rather uncooperative!

Meanwhile I have been trying to dose the 2 black cats by the Nautico with antibiotics, but again with limited success. Would that these cats would catch on that we are trying to help them!

Our big success of last week was that we DID manage to catch and neuter the remaining young female by the Nautico. This was just in time, as the vet confirmed after her operation that she was pregnant. She is now keeping a very low profile at feeding times, but has been seen and seems fine.

My articles in The Reader Newspaper have generated a lot of interest in what we are doing here, but to date no new foster parents, which is what we so desperately need. So far I have had emails asking for help from other people who are struggling to re-home and feed lots of stray cats.

This makes me realise even more just how big the stray cat problem is, certainly in this part of Spain. It is hard to hear about more animals in distress and be unable to directly help them, particularly when they are lovely tame animals, who at some time have probably been abandoned. I console myself with what we HAVE achieved here. Every cat we can help does make a difference, and I need to focus on what I CAN do to help.

My list of local cats needing help has grown, and that is before kitten season hits again. We now know of 2 tame adult cats, who are being kindly fed but need foster parents urgently and re-homing. Also, having sorted the immediate port area, we already have 4 more female cats on our list for neutering over the next 6-8 weeks.

On the dog front, we did get a lead on the little dog that used to sleep with the homeless man. I know a lot of people have been worried about her, and our plan was to take her up to the dog rescue. This didn’t however work and she became extremely distressed and we were unable to get her into my car. I did try to pick her up (wearing thick gloves), but she then tried to bite me! For now we have therefore decided to leave her where she is, knowing that people are feeding her. Maybe we will try again in a few weeks.

I am learning all the time that, however good our intentions, it is not always possible to help every animal. On a positive note, I know we are making a difference and continue to help a lot of animals. What we have achieved is clear from the great photos that I regularly receive from Germany of our happy, re-homed cats.

Harvey & Greta pictured were 2 of the cats from the rocks here. They took slightly longer to re-home, as we needed people who were willing to adopt 2 rather big cats, being determined to keep this brother and sister together. I think it is very clear how well and happy they are, and how worthwhile everybody’s efforts have been to give them a happy, secure future.

Harvey & Greta

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