Bertie & Tuesday

16/11/12: This lovely pair DID travel to Germany on last weekend’s transport, and their new photos show 2 very happy, close cat friends. I am very happy we have been able to re-home them together.
27/10/12: Bertie and Tuesday are 2 beautiful Mojacar cats, rescued as kittens by a local vet, then adopted, and then returned some months ago to the same local vet (in Garrucha) by their owner who decided for some reason she did not want them any more. She was unwilling to keep them even while the vet looked for a new home for them, which is strange as she runs the 5-Bones cattery in Los Gallardos. Because of this Tuesday and Bertie, both now about 2, have been confined to large cages during the day, and only given freedom at night when the surgery is closed. Well done to Javier and Sara for looking after them so well. The great news is that they now have a forever home together in Munich and will be off to a better life on the 10.11 transport. I am sure that their new owner won’t tire of them and will give them a secure and happy future.

Click on the photos to see them full size and have the option to download them.

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