Bosnia Appeal: Small Car To Aid Animal Rescue Work

We have been helping to raise funds to get a small car for one of the animal rescue groups in Bosnia that we met on our first transport to Bosnia.

Without doubt a small car would make it so much easier for these people to help the street dogs. At the moment that literally walk for miles and hours each day feeding the dogs (and cats) in the streets of Bosnia, and if one needs treatment they have no means of getting it to a vet other than to rely on favours.

They have found a small car that will do the job and has room for a large cage in the back. They have been raising funds on the You Caring site (not much it has to be said) and through their own PayPal account:

At the moment they still need 400€ and so I want to see if we can raise this so I can take it over with me on the 11th August when we will be in Bosnia to collect 15 dogs that have re-homed in Switzerland and France.

If you prefer you can pay into my PayPal account: or I can accept cash or bank transfers.

We don’t often put out appeals to raise funds but the work that is being done in Bosnia is something that we are getting more and more involed in so if you can help every little helps as they say!

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